Friday, November 29, 2013


The following is not quite an essay, alone its all I have on hand. It is an assignment from my English III H. class-we were to duty tour out poems in the style of Whitman. It illustrates his use of cataloging, metaphors, natural inspiration, and the gleaning of a inspired truth. The First Sacred Thing It is sunset on the counterbalance eve of spring. The mellow glowing orb descends in in arrears and stately majesty; green solid ground swims in melon phosphorescence. Some songbird sings his start-off celebratory song, pirched in the still-bear armor of winter oak trees. The slightly moist earth fills my nostrils with its warm, musky scent. A lone tulip tree stands against a screen background of green. I secure my self in the temple interchangeable dome of the bright blue sky. My body is the pillar of a Corinthian oak; my breathing room is the gentle breeze. My biography is everywhere. I am merging, melding, losing identity operator at goat the essential oneness of the world. My earthly body nearly cries upon seeing the beauty of pastel melon wrapped around the polished waist of day. Certainly I am lacking in proper respiration. Nonassumingly, without pretense and without clause, as beautiful souls argon apt(predicate) to do, the fading light so steals my adoration. I am merging, melding, losing my identity at bottom the oneness of the world. My blood quickens as the bird-chatter rises and the night loosens the berka of her secrecy. I am losing myself in the utter ecstasy of this nature-dance. I am plainly a servant to the great cosmic gods, to the everlastingly spin cycle of the years. Be I as oak or ash or even slight willow, m y will and my power is in upholding this, in being this, the first heavenly thing. I am losing myself in the realisation of ingrained godliness! The shrubs are my brothers and the grass is my father. innate(p) am I of the union of matter and Quintessence. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
Oh, the inner Divine so does sing. Born am I of this first sacred thing. As are you born. Join with me, dance with me, sisters and brothers, children of the ultimate divinity within. fashion as fluid pillars-not of law but of love, for in cipher but love may this trueness be known. As I glance from tree to tree, from earth to sky, I physically olfactory modality the energies and the thoughts of these beings. They are sentient beings. They are of mea s I am of them. They too are born of the first sacred thing. A silver March crescent moon has slipped up beside me in the periwinkle sky. Behold, Behold! she says. For we, we are the first sacred thing, and in losing yourself-yo u have found me. If you want to get a honorable essay, order it on our website:

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