Friday, January 24, 2014

Athenian Democracy

Athenian Democracy | | |Democracy in capital of Greece was non perfect but it was better than other government systems more(prenominal) than or less in the 5th century. Much of this| |is owed to a few samara figures in Athenian history including Solon, Cleisthenes, and Pericles. Initially, Athenian commonwealth | |was triggered by the economic upheavals that station to Solons rise in the 4th century. And later by policy-making upheaval that | |led to first, the overthrow of Pisistratus son, Hippias, and second, the rise of Cleisthenes based on his seeking the | | bet support of the race through demokratia. In this elan, Cleisthenes moved Athens from an oligarchy to a democracy. | |Athenian democracy was, by nature, a direct democracy, unlike the modern representative democracy of America. In approximately | |cases, Athenians did not vote for representatives but voted at present on the decisions of Athens. Go to war with Sparta | |they voted. Build a dark blue they voted. Athens had human race officials but they were chosen by lottery another way to | |participate. To ensure that these officials did not effect too baronful their power was limited by short name and limits | |on the business leader to hold the same percentage more than once. But, there were lots of these roles so many could participate. | |[Of course, the Athenian democracy also had problems. It took up time from the people who participated in it and that | |could be any Athenian citizen with the exception of women and slaves. It was unstable people could vote in whatsoever | |direction that suited them although slightly institutions, like the Areopagus, were created to ensure more stability. ] | |There were a figure of speech of institutions that made up Athenian democracy. These institutions included the Ecclesia or Assembly, | |the buhl or the Council of 500, the Areopagus or council of elders (former archo! ns), the archon or chief magistrate, the | |polemarch or commander-in-chief and the x strategoi...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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