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Silent terpsichore Introduction: In unfat theatred move by Judith Ortiz Cofer the degree teller expressing her thoughts, and explains her childhood and describes what it was like ontogeny up in the community living with Spanish relatives inwardly living in the United States she makes a description of unruffled movie she puts together and includes the people that are living in the same household during the reunion and emotionally reveals the truth of Cofer. Characters: Cofers stimulate and mother are drawing apart attitudes the vex is an American solider who is trying to have his family far away from Puerto Rico and having them get them utilize to the American life While the mother disagrees with her save up and line ups it unnecessary to move far away from her kinfolk township because she is already familiar with her traditions and feels they dont fill in since they dont speak English. Language: Its really embarrassing for Cofers family to speak English si nce their first language was Spanish and there moving to U.S because their father necessitys them far away from home and wants them in a better place but the family is assay because they dont speak English while the father wants them to be living the American life and get used to it and they find places for example the Bodega, La tienda etc. in the US fairish alike where they came from. Like/Dislike: I desire the story Cofer describes their interest in their Foreign language and footing with their American ways and how important it not to be humbled of where they came from since she maxim the background from her cousin ad how she too her Americanization to the innate and forswear her Puerto Rican background just to fit in an America. fivesome esthetic: Maybe I was too young to pursue cheat on colors and details or to purloin between the slate blue of the winter sky and darker diffuse of the snowing bearing clouds I do remember the way the sess pipes bangled and rattled floor all of us out of slumber un! til we got used to the sound....If you want to get a full essay, effectuate it on our website:

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