Thursday, February 6, 2014

Educational Systems

Educational Systems in Cuba and the fall in States The success of all(prenominal) orbit depends on the education of its people. Every country has some ashes for educating its people. each country has contrasting standards by which it educates its people. Different educational systems in countries half way across the world from each opposite might educate their people in the sympathetic way, or they might be drastically different. In mavin much(prenominal) case, research indicates that on that point be many similarities as easily as one major difference between the educational systems of Cuba and the united States. One of the ways the educational systems in Cuba and the join States argon similar is the amount of time students go by in school. Both Cuba and the United States are similar in the amount of time students have to spend in school. In some(prenominal) Cuba and the United States, students spend thirteen twenty-four hourss in school. Some schoo ls in both countries require fourteen years as well. Students in both countries also spend the aforesaid(prenominal) hours per day and hours per week in school. In Cuba and the United States, students are compulsory to be in public schools at least(prenominal) six hours per day. other similarity between the educational systems of Cuba and the United States is the teachers and teaching styles. In both Cuba and the United Sates, the teachers have similar grading styles. For example, both countries use the A to F scale. In addition, many schools in both countries have adopted the A to N scale, N meaning No Pass. In addition, the schoolroom atmosphere in both countries is formal. Students cannot wear hats or let any physical that can disrupt the class. Although there are various similarities much(prenominal) as the amount of time played divulge in school and the teachers styles of teaching between the educational systems of Cuba and the United States, there is one main difference, the curriculum. The c! urriculum in Cuba is different because of the subjects the students study. In Cuba, students are required to take a...If you want to pull out a full essay, order it on our website:

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