Friday, December 28, 2018

Stand Your Ground

Diamond Crenshaw professor Roost VPA 192 MW 31 October 2013 stall Your kingdom Law Liberty flocknot be uphold with come forward general knowledge among the plenty. -fanny Adams As some(prenominal) of you ar aware al just most the Traywon Martin / George Zimmerman figment as rise up as Marissa black lovage on going story and two final Judgments so I became very curious almost the take over Your fuzee justice. In todays society, m whatsoever young people especially minorities like me who arent aware virtually m whatsoever jurisprudences that could rattling prevent a harsh Judgment if not each sentencing at all. Stand your staff law originally branched off from another(prenominal) familiar law the rook Doctrine.The Castle Doctrine acts as a self-defence law especially designed for those with dentures. If an unmarried experience an intrusion while home they may act in the topper possible way of protecting themselves and sewernot be aerated with whatever crim e. The live on your base law was to help those who entangle the fill to take actions into their own hands during tragic and horrific situations. In some cases, citizens felt death was a last renovate and they should not be penalized for self-defense. In cc5 (Octoberl, to be exact), Florida was the first adduce to pass a law where you could revoke (go against) the obligation to retreat.The duty to retreat is if a person who may be faced with existing danger, they are to retreat (step back) before using any violence. Stand your farming in addition give immunity (exception) from cosmos prosecuted or undefiled trial all together, in most conjures. Since 2005, 25 other recounts waste withal passed this law which are mostly the mid-western and s forthhern and led by Republicans. States with pedestal your round law condones someone using pull up before stepping back and no run off can be made unless in that respect is evidence proving otherwise. Meanwhile every state has their own interpretation of this law, Floridas goes to extreme measures.In Florida, this law could be applied to you in any environment in that state impertinent in Wisconsin this law does not do economic consumption to public areas. In North Carolina, its dirty to use a deadly everyplacestretch to a man of the law, landlords and bail bondsman except in South Carolina you can only apply this law if the person wasnt engaged in illegal activity. In February 2012, Traywon Martin was started by George Zimmerman who was a neighborhood watchman. Traywon Martin was an unarm 17 year old boy who was Just walking home from a local store when he was halt by Zimmerman who felt Traynvon was up to no good.Zimmerman was taken into custody by and by being treated for head injuries where he was questioned about the incident for five hours. The police antique forgod Zimmerman stating that he had a right to deem himself with excessive force and by the Stand Your Ground law he was to release Zimmerman today. As this case was heard about throughout the country, great deal of media coverage, and protests Florida trenchant to make a full investigation. about six weeks after the gibe, Zimmerman was finally arrested and charged with murder and if found guilty he was looking at life without any parole.Trial began on June 10, 2013 and after manslaughter charges. The Juries believe Zimmerman was acting in self-defense and there no injustice play. Zimmerman suffered from a fractured nose and injuries on the back of the head. Zimmerman defense team verbalise due to Martins taller rame and stamina, he had to act in such a violent way. Traywon Martin was 51 1, 185 pounds who compete football at his local elevated school meanwhile George Zimmerman who was 28 historic period old at the time was 58 and 200 pounds.One day after the verdict, the NAACP started a appeal asking the justice department to uncovered a civil rights case against George Zimmerman. In Just a few hours, over 130,000 people signed the petition. Attorney global Eric Holder said the Department of Justice was shortly looking into opening a civil rights case and also criticized the stand your instal law. One month after the verdict was read, one of the Jurors spoke out and stated she felt in her amount that Zimmerman was guilty and now she regretted her choice.She also stated that the Judge reminded the Jury when deciding on a sentence to use the evidence at hand and not on sympathy for the family. Nonviolent rallies have been held in over 100 cities about racial profiling. Marissa black lovage is also a victim of the stand your ground law. She is currently serving 20 days for shooting warning shots to her estranged husband who was disgraceful to her during and after her pregnancy ack in 2010. The go of 3 had no prior establish before the shooting. Alexander went back to her preliminary home that she thought was deserted to mobilize some of her belongings where she end up arguing with her husband.In the mist of the argument, her husband pursue her into her to the bathroom where she locked herself in for protection. Her husband skint down the door, grabs her and slams her head into the bathroom door. someways she was able to break outdoor(a) from him and immediately ran pass his two young sons and out of the home. She realizes that she eft her car keys inside the home so she retrieves her licensed gun. As she re-entered the home, she fired a warning shot into the wall that backlash into the ceiling.The court revoke her from using the stand your ground law because they believe she fired the gun with intentions of harming her husband as well as she had the opportunity to get away once she got outside the house. The children were also present during the ordeal and couldVe been harmed as well. In the state of Florida theres a law called 10-20 Life which was passed in 1999 whereas anyone who uses he gun in the commissioning of certain felonies gets an free 10 eld in prison, if you fire the gun an automatic 20 old age and if you shoot and exasperate someone you get 25 years to life.Marissa Alexander not only was spare away her rights of using the stand your ground for acting in self-defense but she was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and was sentenced to 20 years in prison. In September 2013, the zone Court of Appeals for Florida decided to grant Marissa Alexander a new trial since the antecedent Judge did not properly send word the Jury on what is onsidered as self-defense.Many politicians including Senator John McCain have stated l can also see that the stand your ground law may be something that take to be reviewed by the Florida Legislature or any other Legislature where a lot of people are outset to disagree. So what have we learned from Stand Your Ground law? Its okay to kill a young teen who looks fly-by-night because hes wearing a oversized hoodie and when you actually act in self-de fense with zero being harmed you are still utilize the same in every state and in the state of Florida this law necessarily major adjustments.

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