Thursday, April 25, 2019

Is the UK Meeting its Recycling Targets Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Is the UK Meeting its Recycling Targets - Essay ExampleThis idea studies the current state of recycling in the United region with a special emphasis into plastic, trumpery and paper & board materials. It compares the government initiatives and accomplishments to other European nations. It provides a critical analysis of the effect of the EU Directive in reducing landfill contamination.Recycling glass has a beneficial impact in a countrys environment. Susan Hubbard says that every ton of cullet return to the market saves between 1.2 to 2.8 million British caloric units compared with the use of land filling and incineration (Toto, 2005). The process most commonly used to recycle glass is to remelt the material, a procedure which saves energy, reduces carbon dioxide emissions and reduce the consumption of the natural resource (Wrap, 2007). Appendix A illustrates the United Kingdoms glass recycling rate. The country recycled 6% of the glass in 1984, unless nearly 20 years later the recycling rate of the material had increased to 35% in the UK. The EU case waste directive set a 60% glass recycling target for the year 2006 (Glass, 2002). match to Glass Magazine countries such as Germany and Netherlands surpassed the 70% glass recycling rate before 2002, but other European nations such as the United Kingdom were struggling recycling glass a very low recycling rate of 23%.The UK is not very competitive in comparison with its European neighbors in glass recycling. One of the reasons the United Kingdom is struggling to recycle at the footmark of other European nations is because the country does not have an effective glass recovery program in place to separate crystal and colour glass. There are different markets in the recycling industry for the two types of glass. If the UK establishes an efficient system to separate the products in their pickup efforts they could accelerate the process of

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