Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Racism: African American Races Essay

A social problem is a condition that at least some battalion in a community view as being undesirable. A big social problem in the existence told would have to be racism. Some say that racism doesnt exist but it does. Racism is a very strong word to use I have to say, but there have been a lot of unfairness and discriminations throughout the years in America. Which is what makes me interested in this topic the unfairness people receive from other people because the color of their skin. Some people I be intimate have experienced unfair acts because of the content of their skin. Many people know that racism has occurred in the past when African Americans were treated unfairly being segregated from the opposite race. But most of that changed when people began to fight for equal rights having boycotts, protests, and systematically having those individuals who were racist know that they deserved equal rights as well as they did.And until they receive seriousice they were going to hav e their voices heard to receive fairishice. Racism is just with black people its with everybody. Any race can try anything, but there are still going to be those people who just converse with each other about other races. Its definitely not only the Caucasian race its basically every race. The black race makes fun of the Caucasian and Latino races. The Latino race makes fun of the Caucasian and African American races. Everybody talks about everybody although it is not right I dont cogitate that it will ever stop. I feel there should be a end to it simply because everybody is equal whether we want to believe it or not. So a stop to racism is a must it needs to happen now.

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