Friday, August 23, 2019

Juvenile Justice - School Influence Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Juvenile Justice - School Influence - Assignment Example Programs such as abolish chronic truancy (ACT) are effective truancy prevention program in schools. ACT targets children in grade K-6. Â  ACT progressively involves both the child and the parents in an effort to make them be accountable. The first step in this program is the school administration engaging parents, who show truancy behaviors at school. In the presence of the deputy district attorney, community-based organizations and school staff, the parents are invited to attend a meeting, together with their children. The program aims at improving character among children through collaboration between parents and instructors. Â  In case of no reforms in behavior, parents of the affected child are required to attend a review team meeting at the school. At this step, the review team undertakes identification of specific problems of the child. Parents should commit to being actively involved in ensuring the child adheres to attendance rules. The review board for that probe the student’s attendance is the next step for children with further problems after the SART. If all the measures are unsuccessful to prevent truancy expressed through the child’s behavior.

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